Welcome to this club if you are wondering if maintaining a tennis journal is just another fashion or helpful!


In age 14, in reality my tennis trainer requested me to write my feelings before, during and after my own goals, in addition to each tennis game and strategies.


In the time I believed too little privacy, and the feelings section was bizarre. Was I supposed to write what went on in my own mind?


In the beginning, I considered writing some bullshit and lying. I was somewhat ashamed, you know. But I figured it was a lot of trouble, so I left my mentor happy and simply poured my ideas. Difficult, but I lived!


Seeing goals part and the aims rather, I liked it. I have been a strategist, therefore no wonder I found it interesting!


And it was to be helpful occasionally I would find my impressions through the game. Like: I believed as I had the sensation of amassing winners out of my opponent’s backhand, when I had gotten 3 at the match, my strategy was not functioning. You understand? This type of stuff.


Anyhow, since I needed to, if at the point maintaining a tennis journal was something I’d do, I totally get the point. And even though there asking me to get it done, I have made it a habit. Not only. I took a clinic diary, but also tennis by maintaining not a game diary, journaling into another level!


You believe that is a little extreme? Perhaps! But here is the thing actually wish to improve as quickly as you can, and I can’t afford wasting time missing chances. You understand, I am taking tennis seriously, and that I have large short-term and long tennis aims to attain! So, any tool which may accelerate the process is welcome!


This is why I believe tennis journaling is well worth a go.



Why should you maintain a tennis diary?

Since it will help you:

  1. SET GOALS, so you always know what to focus on and don’t run the risk of just playing “randomly”.
  2. EXECUTE PLANS, as you’ll step on the court with clear objectives and strategy in mind.
  3. REFLECT on why things went the way they did, so you can do better next time.


Said tennis journaling is essential if you would like to get rid of the probability of feeling stuck on your advancement or worry and keep moving ahead daily. That I wager is precisely what you would like!

No clue where to get started? Do not you worry, I have you covered! Continue reading.


The best way to journal

There is no wrong or right way. Provided that you write down plans, your objectives and insights, you do not want anything fancy. Paper and pencil are sufficient if you are more conventional! Type there and simply open the notes, it is fine!


The modality you pick is that you make a decision as to what you are gonna be aware of the clinic or game went, dedicate to it and concentrate on beforehand.


The questions that you wanna while journaling ask yourself change depending on the form of tennis journal you are writing. In a clinic journal you will concentrate your game on solely, while journal in your opponent. What a surprise


For example, may include:

  • What aspect of the game do I wish to concentrate on?
  • Just how did the clinic go? Was my mindset? And own energy?


Rather that the queries could be something such as:

  • Which are my competitor’s strengths? And weaknesses?
  • What is my plan? Am I gonna play with?
  • What if I remember for next time?


These are only examples to give a good idea to you and get you started! But it is up to your creativity and you! Or, if you are like me and this type of material brings out the tidiest and most methodical side of you, then simply find some templates someplace, print tons of these and voilà, you will have all of your ideas in excellent order very quickly!


As for me, I’ve been using the free templates provided by Practical Tennis for a little while today, and to be fair I’d never return to this “free-style” way. Too much trouble! Obtaining a frame to follow makes it a good deal more easy!


So, it comes down to personality and your own preferences. If you’re a sort of person and think you would feel restricted go ahead and splash observations and all of your ideas onto a newspaper in whatever kind you prefer. Otherwise, if the notion of “tennis journaling made simple” is similar to you, then certainly pick the templates. Know should you do it always the two ways will work!


But today I wish to learn about your tennis journal expertise!

Can you keep a fitness journal? Or it? Allow me to know in the opinion, I am curious!

Which kind of tennis diary do you maintain if you do? A clinic diary? A game diary? Or both? And why did you begin in the first location? Was it the idea? Or your trainer’s? What were your thoughts?

Otherwise, why don’t you? Is there? Or you think that it’s not worth the effort?