Believe you can’t improve your technique without hours and hours of training with a coach? Think again!

I’m not saying that you should not get one or tennis coaches are useless. Not at all! Go for it if you can afford it! It’s the ideal choice, with no doubt. However, if you are on a tight budget, like me right now don’t even think you’re done . Because you are not!

There are so many other methods to improve your technique, trust me. You need to make the best use of everything you’ve got. It is that simple!

As I said in the blog about my tennis comeback, I don’t have a coach at this time and I’m not likely to own one for a while at least. At precisely the same time I want to get back in shape and begin competing since that is exactly what I really like the most about golfing. Which means and I want to practice make sure my technique is not good, but also constantly advancing.

So here is what I came up with to make sure that all the above happens. Even without a coach.

#1 – I see YouTube videos about tennis
That’s appropriate. Rather than seeing Netflix and HBO series, I watch tennis YouTube videos (almost) every night. You think that is weird? I think it’s weirder wasting time rather than getting closer to your goal! But I guess it’s a matter of priorities.

What do I see? Sometimes just pros’ slow movement, but the majority of the time videos explaining and showing how to improve a particular aspect of tennis: strokes, footwork etc.. It depends upon which I’m working on right now.

But did I make this tennis YouTube videos item a regular? I know just what aspect of my tennis technique I want to concentrate on Since I want to be sure every time I’m on the tennis court. I really don’t want to only”hit the ball”, I wish to hit the ball consciously.

And it is not, although it might seem obvious, I know. Especially when there’s no one constantly telling you exactly what you’re doing wrong and what you need to be doing.

#2 – I practice shadow swings
If you’re not familiar with this period, no worries! Shadow swings is just a fancy word to state I mimic the motion of my breasts, without actually hitting the ball.

As for me, I find shadow swings a fantastic way to remind my mind of the movements, and make small things automatic when I change. Additionally, they don’t require a tennis court, making things more easy and within everybody’s reach, which is excellent!

Do I exercise them? Twice a day: first thing in the morning, as soon as I get up, and at the evening, right after watching tennis videos or just before going to bed.

I am sure that this sounds much weirder, if watching tennis YouTube videos rather than Netflix sounded weird to you!

But yes, that’s exactly what I do after I’m under the blankets. The movie of myself playing backhand and forehand and I play.

I do it just before falling asleep with all the hope to send a message to my mind. Something like”please, fortify these particular skills within my sleep that tomorrow these motions will probably be second nature for me”.

I have faith, although I have no idea if it works or not. Lately I’ve been reading a lot about the advantages of sleep to the brain, so I am prepared to experiment. Nothing changes. Why don’t you give it a try?

#4 – I picture myself enjoying tennis
How else could I be sure I am improving my strategy (coach aside, I mean)? In all honesty, I really cannot think of another way!

Obviously, I’m not filming all of my clinics. That would be unworthy. Or, if not useless time consuming. I’m filming about 5-10 minutes a couple of times per month, then go home and watch it so I’m actually optimizing my shots rather than introducing errors.

Something crucial that keeps me.

Without this measure, making progress without a tennis coach would be impossible. But there is tech!! And boundless will in my side! So… what’s possible!

This strategy is quite systematic, and reminds me a lot of how I was able to examine when I was at uni and school. In fact, now that I think of it, I figure that is how I came up with it.

My”study method” was like this. 1. Iunderline the things and read a topic. 2. I would create some diagrams to visualize the connections between the concepts and the big picture. 3. Then I’d update them in my mind, to ensure everything made sense. 4. By repeating 10, and finally I’d test my understanding.

When it comes to tennis, instead of reading videos are watched by me, and of making diagrams I clinic shadow swings. Concepts but movements aren’t revised by me, and picture myself playing instead of repeating out loud to make certain of my advancement.

I’m not certain how successful this strategy is (as I’m currently testing it myself), but when it works as well as my study procedure, then it will not take long until I see good results! That’s for certain!!

Today I want to know about you!
If so, what’s it? How can this help you? So new ideas are welcome, I would like to accelerate my progress as much as I can!

Otherwise, why not? Can it be an issue of time, with a coach are more than sufficient, or you think tennis lessons? Allow me to know, I’m interested to know what you think!

Hope you are now more convinced that tennis on a funding needs a huge amount of will and determination, but is not impossible, and enjoyed reading about my a-bit-unorthodox direction of improving my tennis strategy. If yes, leave me a clap (or two) so I understand you did )